«SJ-Alina-Symbol 57» yacht for rent in Phuket.

«SJ-Alina-Symbol 57» is the ideal choice for those who appreciate a high level of comfort and quality. This luxury yacht has all the necessary amenities for a country vacation on the water. The spacious salon with panoramic windows will allow you to enjoy the picturesque views of the Adaman Sea, and the dining area allows guests to feel at home.

The «SJ-Alina-Symbol 57» yacht is provided with all safety protocols and a professional crew during the voyage. Thus, guests can relax and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the ocean without worrying about any problems with the yacht or navigation.

However, the most impressive aspect of the «SJ-Alina-Symbol 57» yacht charter is the opportunity to explore the beauty of Phuket and its surroundings. With its maneuverability and flexibility to travel, guests have the opportunity to visit various islands and beaches that are breathtaking in their beautiful views and natural wonders. You will be able to spot white sandy beaches, crystal clear water and picturesque cliffs that will be the perfect backdrop for unforgettable photos.

«SJ-Alina-Symbol 57» yacht charter offers endless possibilities for recreation and entertainment. You can engage in various water sports such as diving, snorkeling and fishing. In addition, the yacht has barbecue and grilling equipment, allowing you to enjoy fresh seafood and host romantic outdoor dinners.

Chartering a «SJ-Alina-Symbol 57» yacht in Phuket is not only a trip, but also an opportunity to create unforgettable memories with family and friends. You can enjoy the privacy of spending time sailing in the sea and see unique sunsets and sunrises that will be imprinted in your memory for a lifetime.


– Snacks
– Oodles
– Air conditioner
– Use of 1 cabin
– Experienced and professional crew
– Life jackets
– Music system
– Insurance
– Water
– Refreshments
– Fresh fruit

If you still have some questions “Which direction to choose from Phuket?”, please see our photo gallery section, where you can find names and photos of the islands! Or our manager will offer you all suitable variants – just call us on number in the header of the site!

* Please ask your manager actual prices for the peak season (15 December – 20 January)