«FB16» fishing boat for rent in Phuket.

Do you dream of going fishing in an exotic place where sun, sea, and fish are the perfect combination? Then Phuket is your perfect choice!

There are many ways to spend time on the water in Phuket, but the best way is to take a vacation from your daily hustle and bustle and enjoy fishing.

«FB16» is an amazing boat specially designed for fishing in the sea. It has everything you may need for successful and successful fishing. The boat is equipped with a spacious deck where you can sit comfortably and enjoy the beautiful views of the local scenery.

The professional crew with years of experience will show you the best places to fish in Phuket waters. They know all the secrets and techniques to make your fishing trip a real adventure. You can choose day or night boat rentals depending on your plans and preferences.

Phuket is an ideal fishing destination, as its waters are home to a richly diverse underwater world. Here you can catch various species of fish.

The «FB16» fishing boat rental also gives you the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful beach vacation in a beautiful bay. You can stay on a small island, go water-skiing or just enjoy the crystal clear waters.

As for the price, «FB16» fishing boat rental in Phuket is very affordable for most fishermen. You can decide the best rental option that fits your budget and the time you are willing to spend on fishing.

So, if you dream to experience the adrenaline, have a lot of fun fishing and enjoy the beauty of Phuket, then renting a fishing boat «FB16» is your best choice! All you need to do is to contact us and make an advance booking. We will provide you with an unforgettable sea adventure in Phuket!


– Crew and boat
– Lunch
– Drinks
– Fruit
– Swimming masks
– Fishing rods and bait

If you still have some questions “Which direction to choose from Phuket?”, please see our photo gallery section, where you can find names and photos of the islands! Or our manager will offer you all suitable variants – just call us on number in the header of the site!