«Vagabond 47» Sailing yacht for sale

Sailing yacht «Vagabond 47» for sale
1. Deck covered with new teak (wood)
2. Made work on the renovation of the salon (wood teak) installed new ceilings and partitions.
3. Complete waterproofing of the bottom of the yacht with polyurethane coating and painting.
4. Repair of masts
5. Steel water tanks replaced
6. New sails purchased
7. Repaired air conditioning
8. Refrigerator repaired
9. Purchased new upholstery.
10. Purchased new cabin and salon lights
12. Purchased new wires to replace all the electrics
13. Purchased a new dashboard.
14. Purchased new parts for the engine.
15. Lots of new stuff bought for small things.

Yacht 1987 Vagabond 47. Located in Phuket. Parking place of the yacht Royal Phuket Marina.

The yacht was bought as a project under restoration. Invested in her more than 60000$. Need to invest about 40000-50000$. To bring her up to speed. The cost of a fully made yacht 150000- 200000$. We sell for 70000$ as there is no more interest in this project.