Sailing catamaran “LAGOON 450” has become a worthy replacement of the famous Lagoon 440. The distinguishing characteristics of the vessel are safety, an increased level of comfort and excellent manageability. Therefore, the passengers who have booked a marine excursion at Phuket may not worry, they are sure to have a top-quality trip.

This 45-feet long sail ship carries on board all the items that may come in handy for the tourists during an individual excursion: toilet, shower, a well-equipped cozy kitchen with functional accessories. Up to 12 people can be accommodated on board. Amateur anglers will be happy with the fact that Lagoon 450 is equipped with fishing rods, gear and all the accessories necessary for fishing.

Beautiful appearance and exquisite French design of the catamaran make it, without any doubt, a top-quality vessel. It will be an ideal choice for people who suffer from sea-sickness, for, in fact, on board this ship you hardly notice the swell. Air conditioners, located in the cabins and in the hall will protect you from the heat. A cozy flybridge will help you enjoy the picturesque landscapes during the excursion round the Phuket isles. High-quality lighting of the sails and the low weight of the vessel will help you feel the strength of the wind full-scale and get colorful, magic memories of renting this catamaran at Phuket.

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