The cruise sailing yacht “Amore” is an ideal option for a marine excursion to Phuket.

A spacious ship, 12.5 meters long, is really an ultra-modern penthouse on water, equipped with all the necessary items to provide your convenience and comfort. During the excursion round the Phuket isles you can use the toilet, the shower, the well-equipped kitchen with a functional furniture set.

The capacity of “Amorе” is 6 people for the day and 4 for the night. To make the passengers feel themselves absolutely comfortable and safe, the yacht is equipped with life jackets and life-buoy, motorized safety boats, emergency flares, navigation lights, several anchors and a radio system working at ultra-short wave bands.

“Amorе” is an ideal choice for a long-lasting individual excursion. The sailboat is equipped with a chart plotter, a radar, GPS, binoculars and a radio station. Amateur swimmers will find the masks and breathing tubes for underwater swimming most useful.
The yacht rent cost at Phuket includes lunch (chicken or sea food), fruit and drinks. In case your trip is going to last more than 1 day, a full breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided for you.

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