Maiton Island

A stunning island with snow-white sand and the cleanest beach, observation deck and relatively unpopulated, after all, the limit for his visit per day is set.

More recently, the island was closed to tourists and was in private hands, perhaps because the island is distinguished by its untouched or, more correctly, preserved beauty. Now you can visit this wonder island in a group or individual excursion (here the landing on the island is paid separately).

Around the island, more precisely 50 meters from it, excellent snorkeling and clear to the depth of the water. Paradise for swimming and all water procedures.
On the island there is a single hotel that already receives guests, but it does not function fully. There is a swimming pool and lovely houses right on the beach with an amazing view.

On the island for group excursions an excellent dinner of seafood and poultry on the grill, delicious snacks, salads and, of course, refreshing and hot drinks are served. All at the highest level.

Here you can book a private tour to this island.